In building construction, thermal and acoustic insulation, and protection against fires are key to guarantee safety, preservation of the environment and a high quality of life for people and their surroundings. Glass wool felts and panels are the only insulators that meet these three conditions.

Micro-Aire® glass wool felts and panels with coating of different materials or no coating (depending on its final purpose) are offered with many different thicknesses and dimensions that can meet all particular needs.

Inrots offers a wide variety of products for construction that include Micro-Aire®: PV - Light - Intermediate - Heavy, Micro-Aire® Bajo Teja (to use under tiles in roofs), Micro- Aire® P.K.P®, Micro-Aire® Plata, Micro-Aire® Plata Muro, Micro-Aire® Acustic-Panel® "R" and "P", Micro-Aire® "R" and Micro-Aire® "Rigid Roll", Micro-Aire® Inrots Duct® and Micro-Aire® Thermo Duct®.


Great thermal insulation and soundproofing thanks to its thin fibers


It's quick and easy to install, no complex procedures required


It's made of inert materials that are safe to manufacture and use


It's resilient and resistant to motion, impact and vibration


Glass wool felts for thermal insulation

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Metallic constructions require adequate thermal insulating in order to avoid excessive heat in summer and cold in winter, which causes dripping as a result of water steam condensation. Micro-Aire® "R50" and Micro-Aire® "Rigid Roll", our especially designed light glass wool felts, avoid those two unpleasant events.

Micro-Aire® "R50" and Micro-Aire® "Rigid Roll" are light glass wool felts that come in rolls for easy transportation and handling during installation.

On one side, the rolls have a coating that acts as a barrier for steam. This coating is available in two different materials: shining aluminium or white polypropylene with a matte effect. The foils are sticked to the rolls with adherent emulsions made of acrylics and vynils. The coating is strengthened with three-dimensional glass yarn and has a 4,5 cm flap on one of it sides to cover the joint between rolls with an even finish, avoiding the leak of water steam.


It's vert affordable in relation with other construction and insulating materials


It doesn't need aditional suspension nor fixiation materials for installation


It's very simple to install, manipulate and cut with cutter or scissors


It meets IRAM regulations in fireproof quality and fire propagation


Glass wool felt insulators for metallic constructions

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For dry construction with the Drywall and Steel Framing systems, the use of glass wool felts is an integral part. Its use reduces noises coming from outside or inside the building and provides the adequate thermal efficiency and protection against fires.

We offer glass wool felts and panels with smooth aluminium as coating (not strengthened) or without any coating. They are easily and quickly installed. All kind of thermal and acoustic insulating needs in roofs, exterior walls and dividing internal walls can be met using this product, with no need to increase the thickness of those walls. Inrots offers Micro- Aire® ACUSTIC-PANEL® "R", Micro- Aire® ACUSTIC-PANEL® "P" and Micro- Aire® PLATA MURO®.


Great sound-absorbing capacity and no "drum effect"


Its thermical efficiency reduces energy costs


It prevents generation and accumulation of fungus caused by humidity


Once it's installed, it doesn't require any further maintenance or control


Glass wool felts and panels with or without coating

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We manufacture self-bearing glass wool panels with a coating of white, embossed vynil attached to the panel with fireproof adherent on the side that will be exhibited. They are specially designed to absorb sound in most frequencies. After they're installed, it's possible to reach reverb levels suitable for all acoustic comfort needs besides adequate thermal insulation.

Inrots offers the following products for ceilings: Sapanacustic® (Canyon emboss), Georgian® (Coral emboss) and Spanglass Negro® (black glass veil).


An effective sound-absorbing material for most frequencies


It's not affected by high and low temperatures nor aging


It's possible to obtain refraction levels of 85% according to ASTM C-523 standards


It adds to the decoration of the room


Glass wool panels for ceilings

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Ceiling installation Manual

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Construction of ducts with glass wool: Panels in tongue-and-groove fittings ideal for air conditioning (hot/cold) ducts. It's very simple to obtain rectangular or square ducts of any size made with the panels using manual tools. On the inside, the panels boast a smooth surface in order to offer the slightest resistance to the flow of air. Glass wool provides efficient thermal insulation and reduction of the noise made by the air conditioning equipment. A reinforced alluminium foil is attached to the outer face, which acts as a conduit element and efficient vapor barrier. All longitudinal and transverse joints are sealed by means of aluminium tape to prevent air leaks. Inrots recommends Micro-Aire® MAD BOARD® to build ducts.

Insulation of metal ducts: Rigid and flexible metal ducts for air conditioning (hot/cold) should be properly isolated to avoid energy loss and condensation inside it. We offer glass wool felts with a coating of smooth, strenghtened aluminium that provides a nice finish to the duct and an adequate barrier for steam. Inrots products for air conditioning include Micro- Aire® INROTS DUCT® and Micro- Aire® THERMO DUCT®.


It minimizes the noises made by air conditioning and its flow


Low weight material, ideal for hanging installations


Minimum resistance to airflow to maximize circulation


It prevents condensation, is fire safe and turns off flames


air conditioning felts and panels

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Duct Construction panels

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Glass wool felts and panels are very versatile in use and installation, which translates in a wide variety of applications. This versatility is beneficial for many manufacturing industries, such as those of water-heating tanks, ovens, stoves or any other device that can be optimized through the use of these felts and panels.

Glass wool felts and panels are developed for the technical and economic convenience of the insulation of the artifact. Felts come in different thicknesses and lengths, with die- cutting in all its wide. Glass wool panels are provided in many different thicknesses, widths and lengths. It's also possible to die-cut glass wool pieces with different shapes as required by the artifact. Our products for the original equipment manufacturer industry are Micro- Aire® felts and Micro- Aire® panels.


It's completely fire safe and it's dimensionally stable


It's made of eco-friendly materials


It doesn't produce any gases and keeps the exterior safe


Smooth finish and high softness


insulation used by oven and hot-water tank manufacturers

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